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Innovation leader Emerge Monitoring joins SecureAlert

Former subsidiary of Bankers Financial Corporation enhances SecureAlert product line with its patented, pocket-size R.A.D.A.R., the electronic monitoring industry’s most advanced real-time alcohol detection and recognition system.

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Announcing the Enhanced ReliAlertTM

Scheduled for July 2014 release

SecureAlert’s enhanced ReliAlert XC3 offers greater battery life, improved cellular, a new case tampering alarm, 3G connectivity provided by telecommunications industry leader KORE and much more -- making it the best-performing, most reliable offender electronic monitoring device on the market today.

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GPS Global Joins SecureAlert!

GPS Global is proud to join forces with SecureAlert, specializing in the development of innovative products, using advanced technologies to provide a complete solution for customers worldwide.

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Securing Convictions
in Colorado

"GPS data was our only piece of evidence linking the offender to the additional burglaries. Without it, we wouldn't have been able to charge him of these burglaries, let alone convict him. The SecureCuff further strengthened our case, as it proved beyond a doubt that the ReliAlert device had not been tampered with and was attached to the offender's leg during these crimes."

-Chelsea K.
Arapahoe County Deputy District Attorney Prosecutor

Products & Services

SecureAlert provides offender electronic monitoring solutions that combine sophisticated tracking technologies with around-the-clock monitoring and intervention capabilities. The company’s patented offender monitoring technology with its many unique features integrates GPS, radio frequency (RF) and three-way interactive voice communications to create a single solution that can be deployed effectively and cost-efficiently almost anywhere in the world.

SecureAlert's electronic monitoring solutions and products meet the complex needs of law enforcement, corrections and rehabilitation organizations in support of any juvenile or adult defendant, offender or parolee programs.

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